10 Cycling Tech Gadgets To Make Your Ride Smarter

Cycling is the best way to start a day. It provides a great workout to your body and a peaceful mind. And people love to commute on two wheels to their office. Because in many cities riding a bike is a quicker way to reach the destination instead of driving. To make your ride safer and smarter, I have listed some coolest cycling tech gadgets here.

Hövding 3, An Airbag For Urban Cyclist

Hövding 3 is a functional bicycle airbag which places around your neck. It’s ideal for the person who doesn’t want to spoil the hairstyle with a bulgy helmet. Once the helmet detects an accident, it inflates within 0.1 seconds to cover your head. Moreover, the airbag connects with your smartphone to track battery life and automatically notifies emergency contacts when an accident occurs. It priced $328.03 and check more details on Hovding.com!

Universal Rearview Cycling Mirror

The CORKY-URBAN bike rearview mirror comes with a 360° degree angle adjustment. So you can easily what comes behind you while keeping your eye on the road. However, it perfectly fits on almost any king of handlebars such as city bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, E-bikes, hybrid bikes, and even scooters. It priced around $28.64 and check more details on Kickstarter.com!

Bike Light That Attaches Anywhere

The Pixel from Beryl is a dual-color multifunctional light that can emit red and white colors. It’s completely flexible and fits on almost any surface you want such as helmet, bag and on your bike. Meanwhile, you can use it as a front or rear light of your bike. Simply press the light once for white color and press twice for a red color. It priced around $22.02 and check more details on beryl.cc!

Modern Wall Bicycle Anchor

Hiplok ANKR is a wall-mounted bike anchor that works perfectly on both D-shaped and chain-style locks. It’s very simple and easy to install. In the same vein, it’s extremely hard to break because of its hardened steel material. It’s ideal to lock your bike in both indoors and outdoors and fits on any hard surfaces like concrete, masonry, and wood. It priced around $77.11 and check more details on Hiplok.com!

Smart Magnetic Tool Kit

BiTool 2.0 is a compact and portable universal multitool for bikers. It can easily fit in your pocket or mount on your bike with its magnetic design. Moreover, the BiTool 2.0 Lit comes with ten powerful bits for different tasks. Surprisingly, it has a built-in LED light on the other end. So you can safely reach your home after sunset. It prices around $62 and read more details on Kickstarter.com!

Foldable Bike Helmet 

Now you can simply fold down your bicycle helmet to fit in your backpack. FEND One helmet was designed to fold into half without sacrificing your safety. So it only takes 60% of its original size in your bag. However, it’s ideal for commuters who live in the busiest city. It weighs only 400 grams and comes in three different colors to choose from. Check the folding bicycle helmet on Amazon.com!

Smart Biking Navigation Device

Smartphones are the most common way to track your cycling activities and navigation. But they can distract you from concentrating on the road. SmartHalo 2 is an all-in-one smart bike device that mounts on the handlebar. However, this bicycle computer features a built-in activity tracker, 110 dB anti-theft alarm, front light, and minimalistic display. It priced around $129.00 on Us.smarthalo.bike!

Bluetooth-Enabled Cycling Backpack

The Roadwarez Bluetooth-enabled bicycle backpack features voice control, built-in 5,000 mAh battery, and hand-free automatic turn signals. By using the connected app, the bag sync with your GPS direction and automatically display the left or right turn signals. Surprisingly it will work up to ten hours with a single charge. Check the light-up bicycle backpack on Amazon.com!

eBike Conversion Kit

Now you can turn any classic bicycle into a 250W electric bike with a 50 km range. Swytch eBike conversion kit is a lightweight upgrade to your bicycle with electric power. However, this device mounts on the handlebar to provide and extra propulsion from electricity. Ideal for the person who loves a classic bike and wants to be less sweaty arrives at the office. Check the Swytch on Indiegogo.com!

Bike Chain Care Device

The Green Disc is a smart eco-friendly bicycle chain care device that is completely refillable and super handy to use. No-more messy chain lubrication process. All you have to di is, simply press the dice into the chain and rotate the crank backward to lubricate the chain. Moreover, it’s made of the natural bit degradable materials. It priced around $22.64 on Drivt.bike!

Cycling Tech Gadgets

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