3D Printed Electric Bike That Made From Carbon Fiber | Superstrata Bike

Smash through any trail with this unibody carbon fiber electric bike which is made with 3D printing technology. Today’s adventurous riders need a more strong and durable bike to fulfill their rough and tough outdoor dreams. However, it’s 3D printed frame is crafted individually for different size of riders from 4’7” to 7’4”.

The single-piece frame of the Superstrata made using continuous carbon-fiber technology. So there are no welds, joints, glues, and bolts on the frame. In other words, it’s very rare to spot a weak point on the frame. These unibody carbon fiber frames are 61x stronger than steel with the same weight.

3D Printed Electric Bike

The Superstrata 3D printed electric bike comes in two different models. One uses the classic human power and another one uses electric power. However, when comes to the weight the Superstrata bike measures 1.3kg (2.9 lbs) which is lighter than 2 water bottles. The bike is completely customizable for different trails and rider size.

Further, the electric model has a 250w motor and reaches the max speed of 20mph. Superstrata is a California based company dedicated themselves to invent an extremely strong and lightweight bike with a combination of carbon fiber and 3D printing technology.

Currently, this project is raising funds on Indiegogo. An early bird price of the bike starts from $1,499 for the classic model and $1,999 for the electric model. Once they reach the production, the shipping will start in December 2020. Check the Superstrata Bike on Indiegogo.com!

Watch the Superstrata Bike in action

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