3M Hand-Masker Dispenser | Hand Held Masking Tape Dispenser For Painting

Now you can tape and warp your properties in a fraction of time. 3M hand-masker dispenser puts the tape and the film all on one tool. This handheld masking tape dispenser allows you to paint faster with spending less time on prep-work. Simply connect your tape and warp to the tool. It works on different surfaces like tile, built-ins, cabinets, molding, bookcases, windows, and more. This tool also cuts your desired width.

The 3M hand-masker M3000 tape applicator help painters get more done in less time. They come in three different sizes. The 24 to 48-inch films used for small jobs. And 72 to 108-inch films are used for medium jobs even a 12-foot film for the largest jobs. Whether you are texturing a ceiling, painting walls, or spraying trim siding or even woodwork you can use them. The 3M hand masker dispenser makes quick work of any prep-job.

Faster and cleaner:

The compact and lightweight design goes wherever you need it from bookcases and built-ins to molding and trim. It having your tape and film all on one tool. The 3M hand-masker allows you to protect any surfaces in one continuous motion. It gives you fast, flexible, and reliable job-site protection every time. NO matter what you need your job this handheld masking tape dispenser makes your pay prep-work faster and cleaner.

The 3M hand-masker straight cut blade delivers a straight edge on the cut side every time. You have no need to worry about the messy and damaged edges. Probably covering windows, carpets, and protecting your furniture are the worst thing about painting. The 3M hand-masker gives you the easy solution for that problem. They allow you to protect your things from getting paint splatter. They are easy to operate and saves you valuable time. Check it out!

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