Aiko | Convertible Shelf Table | Shrinkage Table

This convertible shelf table must be the best smart home product for small rooms. You can use this shrinkage table in three different ways. In fully folded position it will be used as a shelf to display and hold your things. In fully expanded position you can use it as a desk to work on. And also the semi-open position will perfect for display your collections. It’s easy to install and suitable for any corner of your home.

This transformable table is also perfect for office use. You can place office-related items such as PCs, and meeting note pads. And you can even use it as a mini conference table for 4-6 people at the same time. These waterproof and scratch proof multi-function folding table is made from the solid wood multi-layer boar. This convertible shelf table is great for home use like desk, tea table, dining table and book shelf.

The wheels on the bottom of the table allows you to move anywhere in the house without damaging your floor. The strong and durable stand and the frames of the table is made from the iron carbon alloy material. The actual size of the table is 62 inches long, 28 inches wide. When it is placed in flat table mode the height is 32.48 inches and in multi-layer shelf mode the height is 52.36 inches. Finally, this table will make your small room exquisite and simple. Check the Aiko Shrinkage Table on!

Watch the Convertible Shelf Table in action down below:

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