AirBell: This cute bike bell is a hidden Apple Air Tag holder


Looking for the most effective way to safeguard your bike? If you already have an Apple Air Tag or plan to get one, then the AirBell is what you need. It’s an ordinary bicycle bell that makes the ‘Ding’ sound for others. But, it has a secret compartment to securely hold your Apple Air Tag init.

So in terms of appearance, it’s one of the classic types of bike bells that thieves don’t want. If you are living in a city where everyone is using a bicycle, then the AirBell will help you to locate your bike in a parking area with millions of bikes. Likewise, this invisible bicycle bell tracking device protects your bike with tracking ability in cities with high rates of bicycle theft.

As I said earlier, this GPS tracker holder for bikes also functions as a classic bike bell and makes a sound of 85dB to warn peoples who walk in your path. The base of the bell uses fiber-reinforced plastic material. At the top, they have placed an aluminum bell housing.


Where do you put an AirTag on an ebike?

According to their official website, this bell-shaped apple air tag case can fit almost any kind of bike or e-bike with a handlebar that measures 22mm. A simple twist and turn of the mounting tool will install the bell that holds your Air Tag within seconds. Moreover, you can use the bell without the air tag too.


But it doesn’t provide any tracking service and safeguard protection to your bike. Meanwhile, if you don’t have an apple Air Tag already you have to get it separately.


However, it will be the perfect Air Tag accessory I have seen that keeps Apple’s Find my Network technology out of sight. If you are interested in this Apple Air Tag holder, then get the AirBell on Even if you don’t already have the Apple Air Tag, you can also get one on!

Source: AirBell

Watch the Bicycle bell Apple Air Tag holder in this video

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