All water bike: A bicycle-like watercraft for Joyful cycling in water

All-water bike

When summer hits, everyone tries to find a way to spend their time creatively on water. The All-Water Bike is one of a kind working prototype that allows you to enjoy cycling on water. However, unlike other hydro cycle and aqua bikes, it doesn’t have any separate floating system.

Instead, this unique water bicycle combines both floating and driving systems through its simple design. That is to say, Its ball-shaped hollow wheels act as the flotation system while propelling the pike. I have to give special thanks to Mohamed Njah, creator of the All-water bike.

Can we ride bike on water? Yes, of course!

He said it takes years to bring this idea to the working prototype. Additionally, they perform product demonstrations on Twin Cities lakes to spread awareness about the All-Water Bike among people who always want a fun experience.

All-Water Bike

Moreover, the buoy-free design makes it stands out from all other water bicycles. As I said earlier, the unique wheels let the watercraft travel over the surface of the water. So it can easily maneuver any water level and conditions such as shallow, weedy, or even icy.

All-Water Bike

The aluminum frame and the hollow wheels are extremely light in weight. As a result, anyone can lift it and take it off from the water. Also, their demonstration video shows that the bicycle can be driven on both land and water easily. Furthermore, you can easily detach all the parts of this water bicycle and load them in your car for easy transportation.

All-Water Bike

Once you reach your destination, you can attach the parts such as the handlebar, body frame, and wheels with a simple tool. Their video shows that all four wheels are drivable in both front and back directions. Also, their quad steering technology allows the rider easily handle any tight turning radius and sharp turns. If you want to get more details about this project please contact them on their website.

Source: AllWaterBike, Kickstarter

Watch the water bicycle in this video

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