Altair | A Car Rooftop Fishing Rod Holder Keeps Your Expensive Fly Rod Protected

Transporting fishing gears and fishing rod is the most annoying thing on a fishing trip. Because carrying the fly fishing rod on your car will make a mess by hook onto anything or tangled up in other gears. The Altair is the most versatile car rooftop fishing rod holder that saves space and keeps your expensive rod secured.

However, this rooftop fly rod carrier was designed by a Colorado-based startup ‘Talos Outdoors’. It was founded by fishing enthusiastic friends Dan and Brandon. The idea here is to design a better product for anglers that do different kinds of fishing styles and may not want the de-rigging every time they move to the new spot.

All you have to do is, simply install the Reel Box Tube on the rack of your car, SUV, or truck with mounting brackets. If you have more than one rod, then simply add multiple Altair units on the rack. Unlike other rod cases which support only one type of rod, the Altair is adjustable to fit almost any kind of rods such as fly, spey, bait casting, and spinning rods.

Above all, the expandable design can hold the fully-rigged rods up to 12 feet long. Further, this fly rod roof rack made out of strong plastic and aluminum. To protect the rod from abrasion, its interior features a dense EVA foam inside. Above all, the keyed lock on the end cap will increase the security of your valuables.

Currently, Altair raising funds on Indiegogo with the goal of US$10,000. The whole package of the rod holder comes with the roof rack attachment hardware and a set of keys for the lock. Also, there is a set of brackets for additional units. A pledge of $199 will get you one Altair. According to their campaign, the expected delivery time is August 2021.

Source: Indiegogo

Watch this Car Rooftop Fishing Rod Holder in action

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