ASTRA Bridge: Revolutionizing Roadwork with a Portable Construction Site Bridge

ASTRA Bridge: Ensuring seamless traffic flow during highway construction.

Developed as a mobile construction site bridge, the ASTRA Bridge allows vehicles to drive over roadwork without experiencing traffic delays. This modular mobile flyover is engineered to provide a smooth traffic flow while safeguarding road workers from potential hazards.

Seamless Traffic Flow

Before any roadwork begins, the affected section of the highway is closed for one weekend. During this time, the individual modular sections of the ASTRA Bridge are transported at night using trucks and then assembled on-site to form a comprehensive flyover. Once the bridge is opened, vehicles can drive over it at a speed of 60 km/h. This setup allows road workers to perform their tasks beneath the bridge, such as construction work or replacing damaged road surfaces, without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Ensuring Safety and Protection

The ASTRA Bridge not only facilitates continuous traffic flow but also provides a secure environment for road workers. The bridge protects workers from external elements like rain and sunlight, creating a safer and more comfortable working condition. This added protection ensures that work can proceed uninterrupted, regardless of weather conditions.

Vehicles driving over the ASTRA Bridge at 60 km/h while roadwork continues below.

Modular and Mobile Design

One of the standout features of the ASTRA Bridge is its modular and mobile design. After completing a section of road work, the bridge can be hydraulically lifted by 10 cm and moved down the road on motorized wheels to cover the next section. This process is repeated until the entire road project is completed, demonstrating the bridge’s versatility and efficiency in handling large-scale construction projects.

Protecting workers from weather and traffic, the ASTRA Bridge enhances safety and efficiency.

Assembly and Mobility

The assembly of the ASTRA Bridge is a meticulous process carried out with precision. The modular sections are designed for easy transportation and quick assembly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. The ability to move the bridge from one section to another without disassembling it significantly speeds up the overall construction timeline.

Modular sections of ASTRA Bridge assembled to form a comprehensive flyover.

Enhancing Worker Safety

By allowing vehicles to bypass the construction site entirely, the ASTRA Bridge greatly reduces the risk of accidents involving road workers. The physical barrier created by the bridge ensures that workers can focus on their tasks without the constant threat of passing traffic.


The ASTRA Bridge represents a significant advancement in road construction technology, offering a practical solution to the perennial problem of traffic delays caused by roadwork. Its modular, mobile design ensures continuous traffic flow and enhances the safety of road workers. As road infrastructure continues to develop, innovations like the ASTRA Bridge will play a crucial role in ensuring that maintenance and construction projects are completed efficiently and safely, with minimal disruption to the public.

Source: Federal Roads Office FEDRO

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