iGreet | Augmented Reality Christmas Cards That Brings Back Physical Postal Service

Now a days Christmas season reminds us only unique & memorable gifts, cool decorations and eye-catching lights. But none wants to take out their pen andstart writing hundreds of greeting cards to friends, close family members, colleagues and distant relatives. Because smartphone technology makes us to abandon those overused Hallmark Christmas phrases and physical postal service. Meet the ‘iGreet’, it’s an augmented reality Christmas cards which can bring back our traditional way to expose deep feelings we have towards our loved ones.

Augmented Reality Christmas Cards

The iGreet smart greeting card uses the AR technology. So makes everyone virtually see you are thinking of them this Christmas. It’s very simple to send and receive the warm greetings. All you have to do is, simply spot the special frame inside the card. Once you find the frame, then simply scan the QR code using the iGreet app. And record your personalized joyful video greetings. Then send each cards to your friends and family via traditional mail service. When the recipient scan the card again, they will see & here you come to life in a Hogwarts-esque augmented reality overlay upon the card.

It perfectly works on both apple and android devices. Each pop-out design card pack comes with the 5 different costume-made cards init. Each card comes with a familiar holiday characters such as Santa, Santa’s helper, the Christmas tree, Frosty the snow man and the gingerbread man. Back side of the card there is a writing space to add your own personal. Finally, for the first time, technology allows us to bring joy to all those special people in a traditional way. Check the iGreet greeting card on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the AR Christmas Cards in action down below

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