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Having struggle with scooping your dogs poop from your yard? Then this is automatic pooper scooper for dogs will help you to pick the poo from you entire yard, and disinfects the place. It’s called the ‘Dooup Pooper Scooper’. This unique auto-scooping device scoops poop with lever into a plastic bag. And it can holds up to a week worth of poop. When it’s full, you can simply eject the bag and never touch poop.

Automatic Pooper Scooper For Dogs:

This must be an innovative way to clear dog waste from your garden. The DooUp’s patented scoop flush technology not only clears waste, that simultaneously sprays the area with the bacteria killing fluid. This device perfectly works on any kind of weathers and you can use it daily. This tool will cover, clean, sanitize, store and seal the waste in seconds. It can clearing various types of surfaces in your lawn.

It’s easy to operate and any on can use it to scoop the poop. All you have to is, simply push the lever once or twice for solid waste and several times for soft waste. The Dooup is an one-hand operated garden tool that allows you to keep your garden clean hygienic. When it’s full, the biodegradable bag automatically seals the waste away. The automatic pooper scooper will works on any kind of surfaces like  decking, brick, concrete, short grass, rocks, long grass, snow, ice and also uneven terrains.

It comes with the special compartment that stores sanitizing solution. So it will automatically sprays the area after picking the waste. This device measures 15 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width and 20.9 inches in height. It’s portable design is easily accessible and easy to store while not in use. Finally, this tool allows you to clean your dogs waste while sipping your coffee in the morning. Check the Dooup here! 

Watch the Automatic Pooper Scooper For Dogs in action:

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