Best Multi Function Emergency Car Kit

This multi function emergency car kit combines electric car jack, impact wrench, and tire inflator. The 3-in-1 electric car jack will helps you to easily replace the flat tire without all other bulky different tools. The high powered automatic tool will jack your car up in less then three minutes. It comes with an integrates flash light to get a clear vision in dark. And also have a window breaker and sear-belt cutter which will help you to survive in emergency situation.

How to use the 3-in-1 Emergency Car Kit :

This multi functional emergency car kit almost have everything you will need to replace the flat tire quickly and easily. Simply connect the power plug into the 12v car lighter. And press the ‘up’ button to jack your car up in less then a minute. If your car lighter is broken, then use the provided cables and connect directly to your car’s battery. Then connect the power cable to the optional impact wrench to remove the tire bolts and replace the new tire.

And if you want to inflate your tire, then simply attach the front end of the air hose with the tire valve. Then check the pressure gauge for the accurate pressure amount and simply push the button to inflate the tire. Not only car tire, this electric jack can also inflate sports balls, air beds, rubber dingy, and motorcycle tires. The small and portable design of this 3-in-1 car kit doesn’t require lot of space. So you can easily store right in your car’s trunk.

These electric jack can lift up to 11,000 lbs of load in a height range of 6.1 inches – 17.7 inches. The tool case have a warning sign on one side of it. So you can use the case to provide warning for passing cars. This multi function emergency car kit comes with everything you need in the survival situation including Electric hydraulic jack, Electric impact wrench, Power cable (10 feet), Car battery connecting clamps, 2 Fuses, Safety hammer, Plastic tool box, 2 Double-sided lug nut sockets, 1 Pair of work gloves, Reflective safety triangle, and Instruction manual. Check the 3-in-1 Electric Car Jack on!

Check the 3-in-1 Multi Function Emergency Car Kit in action:

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