Best Way To Unload a Pickup Truck | Loadhandler


This tool helps to unload a pickup truck of up to one ton without any back-breaking lifting. The Loadhandler is a conveyor belt for your pickup truck. It’s manually powered with a crank. This pickup truck unloader can hold up to 3,000 LB. And the drag sheet lasts 500 unloadings. It is designed to safely and simply unload your trailer you all pick up in just a matter of seconds.

The drag sheet is made from heavy gauge, low friction, and poly fabric. With a simple setup and pack down you can take your load handler to any job site for any project. How would you like to be able to unload your truck in 30 seconds?! Loadhandler attaches and detaches in seconds. It is very easy to operate, All you have to do is simply pull the sheet. Then load the material and turn the crank to take it off. It works perfectly with every kind of pickup and every kind of material.


This device saves you time and effort. Also, it’s built to last and is protected for a full year worthy. Loadhandler comes to you partially assembled. You can complete the assembly in just four or five minutes. It’s rubber-padded mounting brackets adjust to fit any pickup tailgate without stressing or bending the metal or even scratching the paint. When you finished your job Loadhandler comes off your truck just as quickly.


Loadhandler attaches and detaches in seconds. So put this too to work for you on unloading hard materials from your truck. It will save your back from heavy lifting and save you valuable time. Loadhandler attachment makes your pickup truck complete. Finally, bring it to the back or put it on the ground in less than 30 seconds. Check Loadhandler on!

Source: LoadHandler

Watch the Loadhandler (Unload a Pickup Truck) in action

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