Built-in Turn Signals of This Bike Helmet Was Controlled By an Apple Watch | Lumos Ultra

Smart helmets are a necessary thing for today’s commuters who need to deal with dark roads and angry motorists. Lumos Ultra is a futuristic LED bike helmet that has built-in turn signals, powerful headlight, and rear light. However, hand signals are not the best way to convey your message in low light.

That’s why the Lumos Ultra comes with chips on board (COB) technology. That is to say, a higher amount of LED chips in a tight space to product a sharp and uniform looking LED lights that can be seen from further away. Moreover, the turn signals are controlled by a wireless remote which is mounted on the handlebar for easy access.

Smart Bike Helmet With Built-in Turn Signals

Also, you can use your Apple watch to engage the turn signals by simply raising your hand. In addition, you can also customize the helmet with extra safety features like a sun visor and IMPS technology. That helps to protect your brain from rotational motion which leads to minor and severe brain injuries.

Further, the Lumos Ultra also features larger vents to cool your head, IPX6 weatherproof construction, rechargeable battery, and a USB-C port. These LED helmets come in multiple different colors and three different sizes to choose from. Above all, the battery will last up to a week.

And you can check the battery level and change the signal patterns with the connected iOS or Android app. Do you like this invention? Currently, the Lumos Ultra is in a Kickstarter campaign. The planned retail price is $124. But, you can get one for the early bird pledge of $79 USD on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Lumos Ultra in action

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