A Pop-Up Umbrella That Protects Cyclists From All Weather Conditions | BikerTop

What if you could just have an umbrella pops up from the handlebar while you sill riding a bicycle. BikerTop is a pop-up umbrella that particularly designed for bikes. Above all, it works exactly like an ordinary umbrella. Simply attach the neatly organized pack of this device on your handlebar. When it rains just unfold the umbrella and continue the ride.

The telescopic arm and the transparent windshield protects you from rain and provides a clear vision. Likewise, when it stops raining we can easily close it with few and simple movements. However, the BikerTop was invented by a group of Italian friends who spends almost 5 years to make it possible.

Weather Protecting Shield For Bicycles!

Moreover, they claimed that BikerTop allows instant opening and closing than any other cycling shield. The BikerTop rain shield bag measures 50 cm x 30 cm x 10cm and weights 3 kg. So it won’t affect your riding skills once it attaches to the handlebar. Surprisingly it has a lock system. So it will stay on the bike even left behind alone.

Moreover, the protective shield made from nylon 210 which is completely water-resistant. And the shield itself features a PVC/PES side wing mesh and a polyurethane transparent windshield. They have tested the shield in various weather conditions and finds out that it can withstand any hard impact.

Further, it features a special compartment where you can store up to 4 kgs of your belongings. Currently, the BikerTop raising funds on Indiegogo. If you are interested, you can get one for €167 EUR ($194 USD) as an early bird on Indiegogo.com!

Watch the BikerTop in action

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