A pop-up umbrella BikerTop protects cyclists from all weather conditions

BikerTop's transparent windshield ensures clear vision in the rain.

Imagine this: you’re riding your bike, and it starts to rain. Instead of stopping to put on a raincoat or find shelter, you simply unfold an umbrella from your handlebars and keep riding. This is the reality made possible by BikerTop, a pop-up umbrella specifically designed for bikes.

How BikerTop Works

BikerTop functions just like a regular umbrella but is tailor-made for cycling. The device comes as a neatly organized pack that attaches to your handlebars. When it starts to rain, you simply unfold the umbrella and continue your ride. The telescopic arm and transparent windshield protect you from the rain while providing a clear vision of the road ahead. When the rain stops, you can easily close it with a few simple movements.

The Inventors and Development

BikerTop was invented by a group of Italian friends who dedicated nearly five years to perfecting this innovative product. They claim that BikerTop allows for faster opening and closing than any other cycling shield on the market, making it an essential accessory for any cyclist.

Compact and easy to use, BikerTop attaches to your handlebars.

Key Features of BikerTop

BikerTop is designed to be compact and lightweight, with the rain shield bag measuring 50 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm and weighing only 3 kg, ensuring it doesn’t affect your riding skills once attached to the handlebar. It includes a lock system to keep it securely on your bike, even when left unattended.

BikerTop: The ultimate pop-up umbrella for cyclists.

Made from durable, water-resistant nylon 210, the protective shield also features a PVC/PES side wing mesh and a polyurethane transparent windshield, tested to withstand various weather conditions and impacts. Additionally, BikerTop offers a special storage compartment that can hold up to 4 kg of your belongings, adding extra convenience for your rides.

Why Choose BikerTop?

BikerTop offers a unique solution to the common problem of cycling in the rain. Its ease of use, combined with robust protection, makes it a must-have for cyclists who want to stay dry without sacrificing their ride. The transparent windshield and durable materials ensure that you can ride safely and comfortably in any weather.

In conclusion, BikerTop is a game-changer for cyclists who want to be prepared for all weather conditions. With its innovative design and practical features, BikerTop is set to revolutionize the way we think about cycling in the rain.

Source: Indiegogo, BikerTop

Watch the BikerTop in this video

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