Bridgehill | Car Fire Blanket | Eco-Friendly Fire Extinguisher Blanket

This Eco-friendly fire extinguisher blanket puts out car fires in less than 20 seconds. The idea used here is, removing the oxygen supply fast by using this car fire blanket. This FireBlanket was invented by the company called Bridgehill. This fire tool is perfect for bridge and road crews. With the help of this fire safety blanket our fire fighters can easily avoid the risk of heavy smoke or fire spread.

The Bridgehill car fire blanket must be the quickest, safest and most effective solution to stamp out any car fire right away. The fire extinguisher blanket needs only two people to cover the burning car. These blankets are made from from the extremely fire resistant and 100% Eco-friendly material. The light weight designed 6 x 9 meter blanket can easily handle extreme temperatures. All you have to do is, simply drag it over the car and instantly choke out the fire.

Putting out fire in electric cars with water may be extremely dangerous. Because the water can conduct electricity from the high voltage batteries. Even more the gases from the burning lithium batteries are quickly spread through the air. Also the high level of hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide can be lethal to firefighters and bystanders when using water.

But the Bridgehill fire blanket immediately locks down the fire and also prevents the fire from spreading. It extremely blocks the smoke and prevents toxic fumes and smells transported by air smoke and steam from infecting the surrounding area. Above all the portable design of the tool will easily fits in fire trucks and police vehicles. Finally, It can be useful for parking garages, car parks, tunnels, gas stations, electric charging stations, racetracks and construction sites. Check the Bridgehill Fire Extinguisher Blanket here!

Watch the Bridgehill Car Fire Blanket in action down below:

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