Easy Butter Ribbon Dispenser | Max Space Butter Mill

The Max Space butter ribbon dispenser is the ultimate butter tool for your kitchen. It can churns out paper-thin strips of butter up to 10 feet long. All you have to do is, simply insert stick of butter into a barrel then crank it on your favorite food. It works great on corn, potatoes, pancakes, and steaks. The screw mechanism allows everyone to spread the butter easily. Even kids can easily spread the butter on their bread.

The Max Space butter mill comes essentially in two two parts. One solid barrel and one handle with piston attached. You have to simply insert the stick of butter, screw the handle on it and you are ready to have a luxurious ribbon of butter at your disposal. Just like a pepper mill, the butter mill gives you flavor on demand. Now styling of your favorite food is made easy by using this handy kitchen tool that squeezes out butter.

Not only for butter, you can also use this ribbon dispenser to spread cream cheese or margarine. The clear transparent version has tablespoon gradations on the side. So you can measure the butter that you wand and also track the butter level on the barrel. This tool is perfect for parties, camping and enjoying sports with popcorn. With this tool you can spread butter on a hole baguette with single squeeze. Check the Max Space Butter Mill on Amazon.com!

Watch the Butter Ribbon Dispenser in action down below:

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