CaliberX | 18 in One Multitool That Packs a Complete Tool Box In Your Pocket

Multitools are essential things in camping and other outdoor adventures. Because those tools are compact, stylish, lightweight, and can able to do multiple tasks at once. In the same vein, Tools Mule has launched their newly engineered multitool called Caliber X.

It’s a portable and single-handed multitool that has 18 unique functions in it. Moreover, its made of 420HC stainless steel material and weights only 0.55 LB. So you can easily carry the tool in your pocket and use it whenever the day demands. Its adjustable wrench can fit up to 20 mm boults.

18 in One Multitool

Likewise, the 3 inches serrated knife is made of an S30V blade. So its extremely strong and sharp enough. Beyond the wrench and knife, it features even more additional tools such as a screwdriver, bit holder, saw, bottle opener, wood chisel, rope cutter, can opener, hammer, nail puller, fire starter, pry, Awl, wire bender, and a center punch.

It also features a two-sided file for both wood and metal. They claimed that its ideal for sailors, hikers, camping, DIY projects, road trips, car, motorcycle, bike, and even boats.

Currently, the Caliber X Multi-tool is raising funds on Kickstarter! And a pledge of $75 will get you one. As of their campaign, shipping will start in February 2021.

Source: Kickstarter

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