Camper Van Conversion Kit For Your Car | Swiss Room Box

Now you can turn your car into a camper by using this box. This camper van conversion kit is called the ‘Swiss Room Box’. These modular system can be installed in five minutes and it’s very easy to use. It allows you to cook ,eat, sleep, and even shower. It is designed to convert a van or station wagon into a functional camper. The innovative adjustment system allows it to fit inside of both larger and smaller cars.

The tool-free system design that allows you to install and set-up the room box quickly, and it takes only about 5 to 10 minutes. The Swiss Room box’s HighTech model comes with the sink, the stove, and with room for other gears. They also have two smaller extenders and two large panels to create a table for up to four diners. You can also fold the panels and extenders t to create a bed for two people.

All the components can also snap together in other for a comfortable space. The Room Box’s two-star model comes with a dual-burner stove, shower, sink, fresh and waste water tanks. And The three- and four-star models additionally have a hot water heaters. Do you love camping with your family and kids? then this Swiss Room Box Must be perfect fit for you. Check the Swiss Room Box on their website!

Watch the Camper Van Conversion Kit in action down below:

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