Canoo’s Electric Van Looks Like Nothing On The Road Today!

A Los Angeles-based EV startup ‘Canoo’ believes that modern electric vehicles don’t need to look like our traditional cars. ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’ is an electric van that joined recently to their production schedule. Moreover, Canoo designing and developing unique electric vehicles that reinventing the automotive landscape.

Their futuristic designs are stuffed with pioneering technologies that offer a hassle-free driving experience in modern cities to their customers. Not only their design, but they also have a revolutionary pricing strategy that belongs to our family budget. The ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’ model features a spacious interior like an SUV while having the minimal footprint of a compact car on the exterior.

In addition, this vehicle has four different trims including delivery, base, and premium models. That is to say, the adventure model ‘delivery’ features more ground clearance and a muscular body when compared to the other two. Along with the spacious interior, the Canoo equipped with its unique street view window to increase the driver’s visibility.

In addition, I can clearly see their creativity shines through the headlamp. Because the uniquely designed headlights and taillights replicate their brand logo. Also, there is a single electric motor that packs 300 hp to the rear wheel. The 80kWh fast-charging battery pack offers 250 miles range on a single charge. Further, it can reach the max speed up to 125 miles/ hour.

Due to the absents of an engine compartment, it has more room for passengers with a seating capacity of 7 adults. According to Canoo, pricing of the ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’ starting from $34,750 -$49,950 and planned to launch in 2022. Currently, they are taking preorders on this electric van with a $100 deposit per vehicle.

Source: Canoo

Watch the Canoo’s electric van in action