Best Car Fishing Rod Holder | Fits in Car Rooftop & Save Space

Now you can easily transport your fishing rod to your destination without tangling. This creatively designed car fishing rod holder can be fixed on your car’s rooftop. So you can peacefully drive with your fishing rod to your favorite fishing spot without worrying about poke, prod, and hook onto anything. This convertible rod carry system (CRC system) was created by Trxstle. It allows you to easily carry up to two large sized fully rigged fly rods on your car’s rooftop.

Car Rooftop Fishing Rod Holder:

These telescoping storage case have enough space to load a fishing rod with 10 feet in length. And easily adopts large reels up to 4.125 inches in diameter. The unique telescoping design of the rod allows you to fold it down for easy storage once you done fishing.  The CRC system can easily fits into round, square and aero-style cross bars on your car’s roof top. And also the convertible rod carry system comes withe the fully functional locking clamps to secure the rods.

The car rooftop rod holder system has four different length options to mounting on your car, and have a padded reel soft-walled liner to protect your rods from inside. It weights just 15 lb while it’s dry. The fully-locking clamps are completely weather proof, so it prevents your rod from water and dust and keeps it clean. It’s also lockable with a key to prevent rod from kids. Finally, this protective case will help you enjoy the fishing by safely transport your fly rods or regular fishing rods. Check the Trxstle CRC System here!

Watch the Car Fishing Gear Transporting Case in action down below:

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