Easy Car Paint Remover Uses Compressed Air | A.H Soda blasting

This compressed-air soda blaster removing paint. This process is called soda blasting car paint removal. It’s being demonstrated by A.H soda blasting via the video. The secret of the process is pretty interesting. The sodium bicarbonate partials are blasted at the surface using compressed air. When compared to sandblasting, soda blasting is more environmentally safe. It prevents further rusting. And can be used on a wide range of materials.

Spraying the baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) on the surface of the metal will remove multiple coating of paints without any damages. This method allows you to clean the surface completely and strip any kind of paint coatings. It won’t make a dent in your car!. A Texas-based company called A.H soda blasting demonstrates the soda blasting is a satisfying way.

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