Easily Reach Your Car Roof Rack World | Moki Doorstep

This portable step lets you reach the top of your car roof rack world. The company called ‘Moki Doorstep’ created this vehicle rooftop assistance doorstep. It clips on your car’s latch receiver. This doorstep device can hold up to 300 lbs. Firefighter paramedic Zachary Brown and his wife love to travel. But because of her height, she struggles to use car-top racks. So Brown invented this Moki Doorstep doorstep assistance.

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The Moki Doorstep is an attachable vehicle rooftop assistance that fixes to your car’s door frame. It’s easy to step up to your roof rack. This attachment is portable, easy to use, and convenient. It hooks on is just a second. This doorstep made from aircraft grade heat treated aluminum. The non-slip surface gives you a better grip. It fits perfectly in a most different types of vehicles.

The Moki Doorstep comes with a protective magnet. That can stay on your vehicle all time to protect from scratches. Moki Doorstep helps you to get outside and explore the beautiful world around you. Read more about them on Kickstarter.

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