Car Roof Step | TireStep By HitchMate

This step lets you reach the roof rack of your car easily. It provides a convenient place to step on. So no more struggle to reach the top of your car. It folds flat into a small bag and hangs on tires up to 12.5″ in width. The step supports up to 400 pounds of weight. It can adjust to 3 different heights. This TireStep is perfect for people who have a large car.

Heininger Hitchmate

Outlined essentially for SUVs, RVs, and light trucks, the strong metal TireStep slips over either front or back tires. Also, it’s customizable to fit tires up to 12.5″ in width with a 22″ x 10″ step platform that changes with three separate heights. The HitchMate TireStep is the ideal accessory for owners of mid-range to substantial vehicles that need to increase brisk, stable access to lifted spots on their vehicles.

Heininger Hitchmate

At the point when not being used the unit folds away level in its included soft storage bag which can be put away in your trunk, taxi, hatch, or trailer. It allows users easily achieve spots on vehicles that were once out of reach without insecure steps or stools. And this step safely supports up to 400 lbs. No matter how tall you are, It’s intended to give you a chance to achieve the highest point of your car.

Heininger Hitchmate

Finally, you can utilize it in only minutes! No requirement for any confused setup. Modify the step for your tire and connect. it’s prepared to use right out of the bag. In case you’re vertically tested, you require this Tirestep. Check out the TireStep on!

Source: Heininger Hitchmate

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