Car Umbrella | This Automatic Umbrella is a Portable Car Tent | Lanmodo

Now you can protect your car wherever you park with the help of this portable car umbrella. The company called ‘Lanmodo’ makes automatic car umbrellas. This portable car tent acts as a shade and keeps your car 35 degree Celsius cooler. You can also use the Lanmodo as a beach umbrella. It’s windproof design can withstand up to 25 mph. Lanmodo is the world’s first four-season automatic car tent. It will work up to 45 days with single charge.

That provides all-in-one vehicle protection. The installation process take only 30 seconds and it doesn’t require any tools. It takes only eight seconds to open and close. The umbrella made with the cutting-edge three layer PU silver coated technology. So it will ultimately protect your car from bird drops, dust and acid rain. And it’s also incredibly easy to clean. The reflective polyester keeps your vehicle extremely cool on hot days.

It even works well in low temperatures and protects your vehicle against snow or hail. In snowy days you can enable the automatic shaking snow system on the top of Lanmodo. And no worry to clean snow anymore. The frames of the umbrella made from the high-strength fiberglass. It will protect your car from falling objects. This four season tent secured to the roof of the car with extra strength suction cups.

The four wind ropes allows Lanmodo to withstand strong wind. The unique design of this car umbrella is large enough to protect any car. And pack down small enough to fit snugly in the trunk of your car. You can use the additional flaps to transform the Lanmodo into various shelters for outdoor activities like a beach umbrella, a camping tent, ans much more. They also comes with the USB port for charging your devices on the go. Check the Lanmodo car tent on!

Watch the Car Umbrella in action:

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