With Cardigo Bike You Can Do Upper Body Workout While Riding

Cycling is one of the greatest exercise for cardiovascular. But every motions are take place in our lower-body. Therefore, your arms remain the same while legs get all the perks. However, in this futuristic world it’s possible to train your arms while cycling. Meet the Cardigo Bike, A bicycle that allows you to do full-body workout on the ride. The Cardigo bicycle prototype was designed and created by Dan Ogden. This stainless steel bike looks and works just like an ordinary bicycle. But the interesting thing is, it’s front part will extend up to 10 inches and you can pull it back again.

Cardigo Bike Gives You An Upper Body Workout

In other words, the handles can be pushed back and forth which creates upper body resistance. By simply turning a knob on the telescoping tube, you can turn the ridding mode from traditional paddling to strenuous. On the other hand, this push-up motions not only gives you resistance to help you get the upper-body workout. But it also propel the bike forward.  It’s both internal and external bearings keep the forward and backward movements smooth.

You can customize the force of push and pull with 3 speed internal Shimano hub. This clever piece of engineering, is very easy and safe to ride. This unique bicycle also features 26” wheels, V-belt, 43t chain ring, cruiser style seat and front hand brake with rear coaster brakes. Meanwhile, it’s BMX style handlebars provide more comfort while forward and backward motions. Check the full-body workout bike on Cardigobikes.com!

Watch the Upper Body Workout Bike in action

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