Cat Toilet Training Kit | Litter Kwitter

Now you can train your cat to use the toilet by using the “Litter Kwitter”. It’s a toilet training system for cats (Cat Toilet Training Kit). That involves three simple steps. The first step is using the red plastic disc. That helps your cat get familiar with the toilet. The second one is the amber disc. It allows your cat to correctly aim their waste into the lavatory. And finally the green disc. It teaches them how to balance on the toilet seat. As your cat makes progress, the holes on the discs get bigger. Finally, in a few weeks you’ll enjoy the benefits of a litter-free home.

You can use a far-reaching guideline booklet in addition to a 30-minute DVD with step-by-step training directions for an easy understanding. It comes with a unique kind of toilet seat that fits all standard width toilets, three color-coded training circles. They are red, amber, and green. The Litter Kwitter framework is perfect for cats or kittens older than 3 months of age. Most cats will learn it out in about 8 weeks or so, as long as you are patient and understanding.

It will help you to slowly prepares your cat to use the toilet rather than a litter box. Decreases germs, wreckage, scents, and bother in your home. Must be the naturally agreeable answer for managing cat waste. This System works with your cat’s own natural instincts. So Most cats can be prepared within approximately two months. No special tools required for the installation and uninstall process. You can use it for multiple cats in your family.

You can start training by placing the toilet-shaped litter pan on the floor next to the toilet. Then transfer the full pan on top of the toilet. After that, you need to change the next disc with a larger hole in the center and less litter in the outer ring. It will help your cat to aim into the toilet.  Check it out!

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