Easy Cement Spreader Hand Tool | Argafast

This cement spreader hand tool spreads cement evenly on the bricks. Each and every builder in the world wants to avoid a sticky situation in their workplace. The company called Argafast comes with a creative solution for the builder’s messy problems. They called this device a Mortar setter. It can adjust to all-sized bricks using movable screws. The container on this tool can hold up to 2 gallons of mortar. The company claims it can set 13 linear feet in 15 seconds.


This tool is adjustable and can adapt to all-sized bricks. It can adjust its size from 8.5 cm to 20.5 cm. This cement spreader comes with an in-built bubble-level measuring tool. The measurements indicate the quantity of the mortar in the device. The tool was made with non-rust synthetic material. Also, they are chemical agents and abrasion resistance. You can spread 7 liters of mortar in a fraction of a second.


This tool spreads the cement on the bricks in a clean uniform and organized way. So your work will be much faster. It’s easy to clean after finishing your work. This Cement Spreader Hand Tool will save up to 80% of mortar from waste. And it’s 50% faster than the traditional method. Unlike the traditional methods, this tool requires less repetition and physical effort from people. The polyethylene sliding base gives smooth movement while spreading.

Source: Argafast

Watch the Cement Spreader Hand Tool in action down below

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