Chikiroo: Wear this portable baby diaper table and have a clean changing station in public

Spending the day at the mall with your newborn baby has never been easier thanks to the Chikiroo. It’s a wearable baby changing station with a separate compartment to have all the essentials like new diapers, wipes, and everything else that you will need.

However, this creative foldable changing table was invented by the Goodyear, AZ-based family-owned company called Chikiroo Baby. That makes sense when you change your newborn’s diaper on a clean surface that hangs from your shoulder with several safety harnesses rather than at a public restroom or a dirty changing table.

I think this applies to couples who are new parents. But for experienced mothers of multiple children, changing clothes in public is an art form. isn’t it? Also, they said, The Chikiroo diaper-changing table has passed multiple safety testing and is ideal to use for babies between 6 lb to 30 lbs.

Chikiroo Baby

Moreover, the wearable diaper platform measures 26 x 13 x 0.4 in. But, when folded it measures only 13 x 9.25 x 1.5 in and looks like a stylish bag with your baby gear. Furthermore, it weighs only 2.04 lbs without any baby essentials or gear.

Chikiroo Baby

As I said earlier, the Chikiroo station has a 4-point adjustable safety harness that securely keeps your baby in place when you are in action. Also, there is a two-point stabilization system with an 8mm thick padded neck strap and a 1.5-inch wide waist belt. Which securely attaches the changing station to your body.

Chikiroo Baby

There is a proprietary stiffener inside the Chikiroo’s changing platform. That makes it more sturdier and flexible at the same time. If you want more details, then check their Kickstarter campaign or their official website. As per their campaign, an early bird pledge of US$89 will get you one. Meanwhile, their planned retail price is US$149.

Source: Chikiroo, Kickstarter

Watch the wearable baby diaper table in this video

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