CityQ | A Four-Wheeled Ebike Brings You Car-Like Comfort

Surely, I’m not the one to ride my e-bike on any day with heavy traffic or bad weather. But we all know that kind of people who ride bicycles throughout the year, especially in the winter season and rainy days. Luckily, Strandveien, Norway bases startup ‘CityQ’ has invented this ingenious four-wheeled Ebike that’s designed to function similarly to the car.

That is to say, that offers weather protection, safety, and comfort of the car combined with the ability to pedal. What if you ride whenever you want despite the weather, traffic, or luggage limitations. The CityQ helps you to transport luggage, children, or even a dog safely and without having to worry about parking, driving license, or bad weather. Although it looks like a car, it measures only 87cm in width and weighs almost 70 kgs.

As of their website they said, it can be driven both on car & bike lanes. Moreover, It is ideal for daily urban commuting and cargo transportation. Surprisingly, the CityQ e-bike doesn’t have a mechanical chain or gears. Based on the information found on their website, this electric bike managed by computer software and a MaaS cloud infrastructure.

You can contact them to know what it exactly means. However, its powerful 250-watt motor offers a max speed up to 25kmph. Its design based on the European regulations for eBikes. So you can pedal in bike lanes around the city or to the beach. Above all, its easily rechargeable batteries will take you about 70-100km drive with a single charge.

The CityQ is easily customizable. So you can modify the bike-car depends on whatever the day demands. In other words, it can carry cargo, 1 adult and two children, or 2 adults with a maximum load of 300kgs. Currently, the CityQ is available for preorder on their website for  €49 (about US$ 59.55). And the total price for this four-wheeled Ebike is approximately €7,450 ( US$ 9054).

Source: CityQ

Watch this four-wheeled e-bike in action

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