Compact Cook System That Uses Campfire To Prepare Outdoor Meal!

What if you could just have an entire kitchen in a box while camping? Well, ‘Cook System’ is a compact and lightweight campfire cooking kit by Wolf and Grizzly. However, this complete cooking system has every tool and component to prepare food in the backcountry.

Wolf and Grizzly is a team of outdoor lovers who involve themselves to create products that inspire others to get outside and enjoy nature. Moreover, this cooking system is ideal for small campers and tailgaters. Instead of carrying a heavy, bulky, and inconvenient camp stove, it saves more space and has a versatile setup to match your unique cooking style.

Cook Wherever The Day Demands

Most importantly, this cooking system is a combination of three different components such as a cook set, a grill, and a fire safe. The cook set features a hibachi, griddle, cutting board, and a 2-L pot. It also has a lid with straining holes and handles. As a result, you can cook or boil your food even faster. This kit made out of 304 stainless steel material and the cutting board uses harvested bamboo.

When comes to the fire safe, it packs down to smaller than 1″. And, comes with a carrying case that has room for your tinder, kindling, and a fire starter. Likewise, the height-adjustable grill from the kit is completely compact and can easily hold up to 30 lbs. In other words, you can use your cast iron pan or dutch oven to get those unique flavors.

However, the rollable grill surface and a foldable frame of the grill makes it more convenient to carry wherever you want. Wolf and Grizzly launch the compact cook system on Kickstarter with various buying options. If you are interested, you can get the complete system for a pledge of $269 on!

Watch the compact cook system in action

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