Most Compact Electric Kick Scooter | Segway-Ninebot Air T15

Simply pass through the pedestrian traffic in the busy city with this most compact, lightweight, electric kick scooter. As of their announcement earlier this year, Segway has launched the Ninebot KickScooter Air T15. However, they made the bike with aluminum-magnesium alloy to offer more strength and reliable performance without increasing weight.

The silica material on the handlebar provides maximum grip and comfortness. Moreover, it also features a bezel-less monitoring dashboard, IPX4 weather, and corrosion resistance construction to improve your commuting experience. It folds down into half for easy transportation and storage.

Electric Kick Scooter For Urban Commuters

Once you fold the Air T15, you can drag it like a suitcase or fit this into the trunk of your car. Further, it’s 6-axis sensor will automatically turn the power off to increase battery life. In the folded position, the handlebar will retract by itself for a hassle-free experience while using public transportation.

In addition, the embedded with LED nixie tubes on the handlebar lets you track speed, battery life, modes, cruise control status, and Bluetooth connection. The regenerative braking system provides recycled energy from riding. In other words, the energy that is created during braking will store in the built-in lithium battery.

The Segway-ninebot air T15 has four different speed limit modes such as standard mode, energy-saving mode, pedestrian mode, and sport mode. Finally, the smartphone App from Segway-Ninebot check you live riding stats on the go. Pledges of the ninebot air T15 start at $569 on!

Watch the Segway-Ninebot Air T15 in action

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