Convertible Electric Bike | Convercycle Folding Electric Bicycle

This convertible electric bike is a two in one bicycle. Meet the ‘Convercycle’, this uniquely designed bicycle converts between tow driving modes. The first mode is the standard city bike. When in folded position its compact size is no different to a common bike. So it’s small enough to park, ride or lock anywhere. The another one is cargo mode for shipping bags or child seats. And the transformation only takes one hand to move between modes.

Convercycle is an electric city bike and a cargo bike at  the same time. For normal use you can ride this bike as comfortably as a common bike. And you can simply lift and move the rear wheel swings out under the basket to get space for sports equipment, daily shopping, or child seats. So, by the simple motion it spontaneously turns into a cargo bike. The usual bike racks are made for the normal bikes. So you can flip it back to normal position while you park.

The Convercycle is made by David Maurer-Laube who worked a lot on the topic of mobility industry design. This convertible electric bike is completely environmental-friendly. Unlike other cargo bikes, this Convercycle have only tow wheels. So they are easy to handle in your everyday life. The sleek geometry of the basket gives you maximum volume and it can holds up to 132 lb payload. And the basket is as wide as the handle bar, so it fits in any bike rack.

The E-bike version of the Convercycle is comes with a removable battery. So you can recharge the battery without taking the entire bike near to the power socket. The electric bike uses the high quality 250w e-motor to get power and it can runs up to 15 mph in speed. This bike comes with two individual chains, the rear wheel chain unfolds together with the wheel. If you want to do something for your health, for the environment or simpler everyday life, Then this is perfect for you. Check the Convercycle on

Watch the Convertible Electric Bike in action:

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