Extreme Dog Poop Vacuum | Cordless Vacuum Pooper Scooper

This cordless vacuum was particularly designed for dog poop. It is the pooch power shovel from the company called ‘Pet Power Products’. It runs on a 30,000 rpm motor. So it can able to remove up to 150 poops on a single charge. The wastes are goes right into a biodegradable bag to protect the environment. This cordless vacuum pooper scooper will ultimately saves your time, and reduce physical work by picking all the poop in your yard with single swipe.

Cordless Dog Poop Vacuum:

No-more messy manual scraping of bending over to pick up waste. And no-more hosing and scrubbing the pooper scooper when you are done. This pooch power vacuum pooper scooper is very simple to use, light weight, and powerful. It sucks dog waste straight into a degradable plastic bag. Once you collect all the waste, simply open the unit and toss the bag in the bin. So there is no mess and no fuss while cleaning up after your dog.

The pooch power vacuum shovel works on almost any surface. From crush rock through to garden beds and even concrete. This dog poop vacuum can handle waste deposits from any breed of dog which is large or small. Also it can vacuum dog waste of almost any consistency, making it the perfect gift for any dog owner. This cordless dog poop vacuum is powered the rechargeable battery that provides 50 cleanups on a single charge.

It comes with an AC adapter to charge the battery, and it will get full charge within 12 hours. This poop vacuum comes with 10 internal waste bags, each of them can holds up to a weeks worth of dog poop. You can also get extra bags additional if you need. Finally, here is a super easy way to pickup a massive amount of dog poop from your yard with minimum effort. Check the Pooch Power Shovel on Amazon.com!

Watch the Cordless Dog Poop Vacuum in action:

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