Craftsman Automatic Hammer | This Auto Hammer Driving Nails In Tight Spaces

This craftsman automatic hammer helps you to drive nails in tight spaces. It’s known as the Craftsman nextec hammerhead auto hammer. The innovative design of this hammer is ideal for tight spots where you can’t swing. It hits the nail 3,600 times a minute. The battery operated system uses the 12 volt lithium ion battery. The light weight and cordless design provides better performance and longer shelf life.

Now you can drive nails with speed and ease at the touch of a trigger. The hammerhead automatically hammers nails, So you won’y have to use any external force. The combination of compact tool design and innovative hammering mechanism allows you to access it in tight spaces. It requires no swinging action to drive nails, so it eliminates the potential of missed hits. It’s handy for all sorts of projects, from building a shelf to building a deck.

This tool drives both standard and finishing nails up to 3 and 1/2 inches in length into almost any work surface. The in-built magnetic head secures the nail into place, so it makes hammering overhead easier. It comes with an integrated LED work light for a clear vision in dark spaces. The hammer head is powered by lithium ion technology and can deliver 3,600 impacts per minute. The removable battery gets charged in less then 30 minutes.

The craftsman automatic hammer must be a perfect addition to anyone’s toolbox. This auto hammer comes with the hammerhead, one lithium ion battery with charger, a nail remover tool, and a carry case. It provides high speed and high torque to drive nails with minimal effect. Finally, you can drive nails quickly in places where you can’t swing a hammer. Check the Craftsman auto hammer on!

Watch the Craftsman Automatic Hammer in action down below:

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