Best Scary and Creative Halloween Costumes (Ultra Realistic)

Now you can scare everyone in the halloween party with this movie quality ultra realistic puppet costumes. This creative Halloween costumes are the great example of entertaining guests, rather than just the scare. They are made by special effects guru Patrick Voss. His company called ‘VFXcreates’ makes creatures for movies and and haunted houses. They create the realistic puppets that you wear to scare. Surely these costumes will be the perfect match for the Halloween props, that we already discus about.

You can use this wearable creature and put the scare into your audience. The attachment coat masks the saddle to make wearing Tentaclese simple and  eliminate fatigue. The puppets are light weight, comfortable for you to carry around. This puppet Creatures are freakishly detailed. You can scare and entertain your family and friends for extended periods of time. VFX has created multiple kinds of ghosts, monsters, zombies and creatures throughout the years for various creations.

This costumes gives you more fun and entertainment. The ultra realistic scary puppets comes with the realistic glassy eyes, extreme life like hair, and sound system with pre-loaded sounds. And you can easily add your own sound effects with the help of a software. The attachment coat fits for most sized and laundry safe. The light weight puppets gives you a comfortable rang of motion to perform your acting. You can trigger the sound from inside the puppet. VFXcreates introduced more different props and costumes for upcoming halloween.

Watch the Creative Halloween Costumes in action down below:

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