Digital Dudz | Animated Halloween Masks From Morph Costumes

Amaze your friends at costume parties with this Digital Dudz animated Halloween masks. These next level spooky masks are created by Morph Costumes. They comes like an ordinary masks, But they can turn into lifelike monsters with the help of your smartphone. They develop an app for both android and apple for your phone to take your costume to next level. Simply slide your phone in to the mask and you are ready to win your costume. That is until you get a phone call.

This animated Halloween masks are made from the special blend of materials. That will provide more comfortable and clear vision while you wear them. You can easily download the app ad choose what effect will fits perfectly with your mask.

Then insert the smartphone into the secure phone pocket in your mask. That’s it! now you are ready to grab everyone’s attention on the Halloween costume party.

Just double tap on the animated image within the app to play or pass. These masks perfectly adapt with your costume and completely change your look. Finally you can create realistic effects right on your clothes by using this Digital Dudz animated Halloween masks.  Check this on

watch the Digital Dudz | Animated Halloween Masks is action:

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