Dip Clip | Sauce Holder For Car | Dipping Ketchup and Sauce Holder

If you eat in your car, then listen up. Dip Clip sauce holder for car can help you sneak fries or nuggets without skipping no dips. This makes dipping on the go super easy and it’s a detachable clip for your car. It perfectly connects right to your air vent. Just grab your favorite sauce and pop it into the holder. This holder fits sauces from most fast-food chains. The unique design holds the sauce container in place through almost any driving conditions.

This creative dipping ketchup and sauce holder was invented by a company called Milkmen Designs. It allows you to enjoy your fries without making s huge mess in your car. This Dip Clip fits almost every car’s vent. And can hold sauces from any major fast-food chain, So you never have to choose. Do you love ketchup or mustard?. Don’t worry, there is a tray that comes with the Dip Clip just for those sauces also.

Enjoy your french-fry and chicken nuggets without any worry. This Dip Clip helps you to eat your favorite snack on the go without spoiling your car’s interior. The Dip Clip made from the Engineering-grade ABS plastic. Also, it comes with the ramekin which is made from the food-safe polypropylene. That easily washable and reusable tray can hold up to 1.3.fl.oz of ant sauce or about 5 ketchup pockets.

The vent clip of the Dip Clip sauce holder for car fits almost any vent styles. And it’s made from the premium-grade stainless steel and covered with silicone. Finally, never choose between bland foods or a messy car again. Check the Dip Clip on Amazon.com!

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