This disc golf cleaning tool may replace your dirty towel

Have you ever played disc golf or watched someone else do it? Then you may notice how dirty the disks become whenever they travel across the disc golf course. In the meantime, someone finds that just wiping with a towel that easily gets dirt by dragging across the rough and muddy surface is not enough.

As a result, they come up with the ultimate disc golf cleaning tool called ‘Disc Raptor’. However, it was invented by Silverton, Oregon-based disc golf enthusiast Colin Buckingham who has been playing disc golf for almost 15 years. According to their campaign, this half-circle-shaped tool will clean and dry your dirty disc with a simple spinning motion.

How to clean your disc golf disc?

All you have to do is, simply place the disc into the device and rotate it with one hand while your other hand holds the disc golf cleaning tool. In a matter of seconds, you will have a clean and dry disc without making any mess while keeping your hands clean.

Disc Raptor

Moreover, the outer surface of the tool is made up of a durable water-resistant nylon shell and a premium quality nylon binding. Also, the tool has a built-in nylon attachment hook that allows you to hang it on your bag or cart to make it easy to access.

Disc Raptor

From the inside, this tool features a high surface area of microfiber chenille and curved synthetic blades. Unlike our traditional towels, the disc golf cleaning tool cleans both sides of the disc at the same time. Also, the kit is very easy to clean.

Disc Raptor

Once you have done disc golfing, simply turn the tool inside out then toss it into a washing machine. Also, you can manually rinse it with water. Did you find this was a creative idea? Then check out their Kickstarter campaign. You can get their Disc raptor for US$24 as an early bird pledge.

Disc Raptor

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the disc golf cleaning tool ‘Disc Raptor’ in this video

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