This Four-Legged Spirit Halloween Costume Is Completely DIY

Here is great way to terrify your neighborhood. This four-legged spirit Halloween costume is completely DIY created by Melissa Irwin. She also used stilts, crutches and foam to create the look. Fabric and mask made the perfect final touches. She took it for a spin, and the reactions where priceless. You can download blueprint and instruction for the project from her Etsy store.

This Four-Legged Spirit Halloween Costume Is Completely DIY:

In case you’re a fan of creepy Halloween costumes, in any case, you should need to consider this terrifying four-legged “Stilt Spirit.” At the point when walks around your neighborhood visible to everyone and during the evening with this costume . Obviously, a few children run away, others snap photographs, and one overcome soul even carefully pets one of the animal’s four legs. The costumes additionally include clear human faces, the better to go nuts onlookers.

You’ll additionally require some fundamental expressions and artworks materials like foam, fabric, and a heated glue gun. The materials that you’ll requirement for this outfit are definitely not shabby. To begin, you’ll require drywall stilts, medical crutches, and peg stilts. The tutorial she provide demonstrates all materials purchased, where they were bought. Finally, well ordered directions to make the costume and well ordered guidelines on the best way to wear the costume. Check the scary Four leg costume on!

Watch the Four-Legged Spirit Costume in action down below:

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