Dometic RV Toilet | Portable Campervan Toilet

This portable toilet is perfect for camping. It’s called Dometic rv toilet 972. This Portable Campervan Toilet can hold up to 2.6 gallons of waste. It was designed with space-saving in mind, for smaller RVs and tents. That uses a push-button mechanism that requires less pumping and splashing. And making the flush more powerful and hygienic. The 8.7-liter water tank holds enough water for 27 flushes.

Portable Campervan Toilet:

Toilets are more important on your camping or road trip. This Dometic 972 toilet is portable and works great for small RVs, boats, and tent campers. These portable toilets peak powerful flushing at the touch of a button without constant pumping or batteries. They are available in tan and gray colors. And in 2.6 gallon or five-gallon waste tank capacities. It has a 2.3-gallon freshwater tank. The high strength ABS construction withstands camping and marine environment.

The prismatic tank level indicator allows you to monitor the water level in the tank easily. A full-sized seat for comfort and a latching lid for security. They are easy to use and anyone can handle it. Just remove the water cap and fill the upper tank until it reaches about one inch below the opening. And pull the flush handle to open the slide valve and pour the pre-measured deodorant directly into the lower tank. Then pump the air pump about 15 times.

When the tank level indicator shows full and ti’s time to empty the lower tank. Pull the flush handle to close the slide valve. Then pull up on the rear latch to separate the upper tank from the lower tank. You have to carry the lower tank to an authorized waste disposal area or you can use a normal toilet. Then empty the content of the tank. If water is available rinse the lower tank before the reassembling. Check the Campervan Toilet on!

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