This Device Lets You Drive On a Flat Tire | Ethar Running Tire

Getting a flat tire on the mid-highway can be the most dangerous and worrying experience for many people. But now you can drive on a flat tire by just attaching this device on the affected wheel. It’s called the ‘Ethar Running Tire’. It’s designed to be used instead of a spare wheel. So you don’t have to change your tire or call for help when you get a flat tire on the rushing highway.

Surprisingly this device allows you to drive up to 24 mph. This flat tire attachment device was created by the Malaysia based company called ‘Ethar Co’. The running tire helps you to drive quickly and safely in emergency situations to your nearest tire repair shop. It’s most functional design is usable on most types of cars.

Driving On a Flat Tire With Ethar Running Tire:

And also perfectly fits on both front and back tires. You can drive smoothly on country roads and highways as well. The running tire comes in two different sizes and colors such as orange color for the large one and yellow color for medium-sized one. The running tire can easily hold up to 2,600 kg of weight.

It is very simple to attach. All you have to do is, simply place the device next to the flat tire. And drive over the device to attach with the tire. Once the tire perfectly placed on the device, simply secure them with the safety strap. Changing the flat tire in a traffic jam could be a serious headache.

And the situation will get even worse if it happens on a rainy or hot sunny day. But this creatively designed device provides a unique solution to take your car to the nearest tire repair shop without depending on other’s help. Check the Running tire device on!

Watch the Drive On a Flat Tire device in action:

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