Why Echo Weed Wacker Is a Safer Way To Snip Grass

This is a safe weed wacker. Meet the Echo’s scissor head attachment. This echo weed wacker snips grass and brush-like scissors. So the debris falls where it’s cut. The innovative design makes it safer to cut near cars, bystanders, and buildings. It perfectly attaches to the Echo Brushcutters. Now you can cut only above the rest!

A brush cutter fitted with a nylon liner or blade is not always suitable for working in tight areas. Especially when cutting close to cars, buildings, or bystanders. Stones and other loose objects can be thrown in the air. They can potentially damage your property or even posing a risk to safety. But now the rotary scissor attachment is a game-changer. It’s a twenty to one reduction ratio gearbox and two rotating blades that actually snip the gross or brush.

It just works like a pair of scissors. This offers safer and more precise cutting. The cut material simply drops whenever it is cut. So it allows the operator to work is an area close to cars and buildings without the fear of objects being thrown and causing damage. The rotary scissor attachment allows operators to cut close to walls, curves, stones, and trees with no kickback. It’s flathead design is ideal for uncovering hidden landmarks such as manhole covers. Furthermore, the trimming gross areas were neat and good-looking. Check it out!

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