5 Facts About Fishing Cannon That Will Impress Your Friends

This is a fishing cannon. Meet the sandblaster bait cannon by Bunker Up Fishin’. This launcher can shoot bait up to 300 yards. Using compressed air or CO2. This cannon lets you fish for big fish from the shore. All you have to do is just hook the bait mold to your line. Drop it down the tube. And pull the trigger to launch. Surely this invention will bring your fishing game to the next level.

Bunker Up Fishin’

Here we have listed the top five facts about this fishing cannon that will surely impress your friends on your next fishing trip.

1. Everyone has these experiences that throwing the fishing line on other guys’ lines and making a mess. But now you can throw your fishing line at a point where you want it to go.

2. This fishing cannon avoids playing with bait on the beachside. Because you won’t get any fish by standing on the beach.

Bunker Up Fishin’

3. There is a chance of missing the bait while you are throwing the line with your hands. But this cannon never lose your bait and surely you will get the result for your hard work.

4. Stop wading in the ocean for getting some distance to go closer to the fish.

5. Watching those schools of fish swim simply out of your throwing separation is annoying. Now you can catch the largest fish among them by using this fishing cannon.

Bunker Up Fishin’

Add some extra power to your fishing trip by taking this fishing device with you. They are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry. It will perfectly fit your truck. Fishing is one of the ways to refresh yourself! Get more details about this device on Bunkerupfishin.com!

Watch the video below:

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