Fishing Rod Holders | Rod-Runner Portable Fishing Rod Rack

Now you can carry five fishing rods in one hand. This fishing rod holder is called the “R0d-Runner”. It helps you avoid tangled lines and broken guides. The holders are interchangeable to hold different types of rods. It also has legs so you can easily rig your rod.

Rod-Runners offer anglers everywhere a simple, effective, and safe solution for transporting their fishing rod. Rig rods with ease, as they are held securely in the rod runner. After returning from a fishing trip, simply rinse the rod while they are firmly held in the rod-runner. Then store for your next fishing trip. You can comfortably carry up to five fishing rods in one hand without tangling lines or damaging expensive rod reels.

It will fit perfectly for any vehicle or vessel any rod or reel spinning, flies, bait cast, or large offshore. Rod-Runners are Made with hardened ABS with UV+ inhibitors. It’s easily washable, So you can clean your rods without any damages. It will work perfectly in freshwater and saltwater. You can load your rod in your truck, SUV, or minimal autos in seconds with more space and without harming reels.

Rod-Runner was a handy place to put your expensive rods and reels. The lightweight durable carrier has removable legs for compact storage in a truck, SUV, or car. The angled stance design keeps fishing gear safely off the ground. It allows you to quickly and easily transport, wash down, or rig a second rod. All you have to do is protect your expensive fishing rods with this Rod-Runner. Check it out!

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