Best Folding Camping Table | Have Insulated Cooler & Food Basket For Tailgating

Now you can keep your drinks ice-cold and enjoy your tailgating with this ‘Folding Camping Table’. This multi-functional folding tailgate table is also features insulated cooler,  4 cup or bottle holders, and food basket to store and organize your camping snacks. The four tension straps of this table keep the table stable on any kind of surface. You can also collapsible the folding table, so it allows you to easily store or carry around wherever you go.

Best Folding Camping Table:

This folding picnic table was created by the company called Camerons Products’. This unique folding table is perfect for your next picnics, hikes, cookout, tailgate, barbecue and camping trip. It measures 5.5” in width,  30.75” in height,  5.5” in diameter when it’s fully opened. So you and your family will always have a ice-cold drinks to crack open on your next camping trip. And it’s more than just a table.

The food basket measures 12″ across. So you can have a large space on top for snacks, fruits, bags of chips and whatever snack you want to eat while tailgating. Not only for camping and hiking, you can also use this collapsible table on beach or just relaxing on your back yard BBQ. It also features 4 bottle holders on it’s corners. So it can hold your drinks safe from spilling when the party gets rowdy. Check the collapsible picnic table on!

Watch the Camping Table in action down below: 

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