Folding Electric Bike That Has An Integrated Air-Pump Under The Seat | HIMO Z20

The advantages of electric bikes are gradually increasing every day. They are particularly designed to avoid traffic jams, crowded public transportation, and have some freedom in a busy city. Himo Z20 is a dynamic, versatile, and transportable folding e-bike that offers both electric and manual cycling.

However, like their previous model HIMO which can be folded down to fit in your backpack, the Himo Z20 has a simple three-step folding mechanism that allows you to fold or unfold the bike within 10 seconds. This modern e-bike comes with two different riding modes such as Cool Mode and Dynamic Mode.

An E-bike That Always Stays With You

That is to say, a bit of electric acceleration aids your pedaling in a cool mode. And free your feet by using complete electric power to reach your destination in dynamic mode. Moreover, its detachable battery lets you charge wherever and whenever it needs. In addition, its built-in in-seat air pump allows you to fix flat tire anywhere without carrying any additional tool with you.

Its ergonomically designed aluminum frame is extremely light in weight. When completely folded, the Himo Z20 measures only 34 inches in length and 29 inches in height. So you can easily keep the bike into the trunk of your car or access public transportation. Further, it equipped with a Shimano 6-speed transmission system. And a high-efficiency DC brushless motor for a smooth and fastest ride.

With the help of a 10Ah Lithium Battery, this vehicle can reach up to 50 miles with a maximum speed of 25 Kmph on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Himo Z20 also features dual mechanical disk breaks, LED display, rear reflector, a vector control system, and a battery management system. Himo Z20 is on an Indiegogo campaign. You can get one for the super early bird pledge of $699 USD on!

Watch the HIMO Z20 in action

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