Folding Kayak | Extremely Portable & Collapsible Origami Kayak | Oru Kayak

This revolutionary folding kayak designed to make your outdoor events great. This extremely collapsible and portable origami kayak is called ‘Oru Kayak Inlet’. It provides the portability of a suitcase when completely folded. So you can carry around this functional kayak wherever you go. Unlike other traditional kayaks, It doesn’t need a massive garage to store. Because it’s compact enough to fit into your closet, trunk of your car or under the couch. And you can even check on the plane. It weights just 20 lbs, so it won’t hurt your back or arm while peddling.

Folding Kayak | Extremely Portable & Collapsible Origami Kayak:

Oru Kayak have invented four unique kayak models for different types of water and paddlers. You have to choose the prefect folding kayak depends upon your needs and paddling condition. This collapsible kayak measures 42 inches in length, 19 inches in height, and 10 in width when in completely folded. This portable kayak can holds up to  275lbs of weight and it’s maximum paddler height around 6’2″. It molded with ABS plastic blades and have reinforced fiberglass shaft. Paddles of this kayak can be break down into 4 pieces to fit in your backpack.

The three step assembling process only takes less then 5 minutes. All you have to do is, simply unfold the kayak, and close the deck the straps. Then insert the seat in position for a comfortable ride. It is perfect for lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans. The creative ‘Origami’ inspired design of this Kayak allows you to fold a 10 foot kayak in to a suitcase sized box. The Oru Kayak Inlet also features adjustable backrest, integrated floor board, adjustable footrest, accessory strap and carrying handle. Finally, this collapsible kayak takes your entire kayaking experience from box to boat.  Check the Oru Kayak Inlet on!

Watch the Collapsible Origami Kayak in action down below:

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