Foot Door Opener To Avoid Door Knob Germs | StepNpull

This hands-free doorknob prevents germs and allows you to open doors with your feet. This uniquely designed foot door opener is called the ‘StepNpull’. It ultimately prevents the spreading of germs and helps you open the door when your hands are full. All you have to do is, simply step on it and pull.

And this device perfectly grips onto your shoes for an easy movement. It perfectly fits on any standard wood or metal door. Washing your hands and keeping your hands clean is the best way to prevent the spreading of harmful bacteria.

Prevent Spreading Viruses On Pandemic Situation

So many restrooms have some or all touch-less features, But the users still have to exit the bathroom by touching the doorknob. The Foot Door Opener gives the user the additional option of pulling the door open with their foot. And you can easily install the ‘Stepnpull’ on any sized door.

The ‘Stepnpull’ hands-free door opener made from the seventy present recycled aluminum. This foot door opener is perfect for bathrooms, restrooms, office doors, hospital doors, and even on the chemical labs.

And they are available in three different stylish finishes depends upon your needs. Finally, here is an effective way to have a germ-free option when exiting your bathroom. Check the stepnpull on!

Watch the Hands-free Door Opener in action down below

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