Best Self Wipe Toilet Aid for Elderly & Disabled | Freedom Wand

This self wipe toilet aid is a portable, extendable toilet paper applicator for disabled, seniors and Handicapped. This toilet tissue aid is a ‘Freedom Wand’. It’s particularly designed for people with limited mobility. And it can also be used for other hygiene tasks like shaving, shower, or applying ointment. This handheld tool can extends up to 21 inches. So it will be very helpful for people who recovering from hip replacement or other back pain problems.

Best Self Wipe Toilet Aid for Elderly & Disabled:

A person’s mobility and range of motion will decreases depends upon their age. So the elderly peoples need to use a toilet assisted devices to improve their activity, quality of life, and independence. Because toileting is the most important and difficult problem that elderly people faces. There are multiple reasons why people need a toilet aid, whether they have limited range of motion, difficulty reaching, spinal/back injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel, stroke, and obesity.

This multi functional toilet hygiene aid easily grips and releases toilet paper, shaving razors, wash clothes, sponges and shower loofahs with a push of a button. So, this must be the perfect cleaning tool of your bottom and hard to reach areas. This tool can extents from 14 inches to 21 inches and you can also get additional attachment for extra 4 inches. It requires minimum physical force to operate , grab and release the toilet paper. Check the Freedom Wand on!

Watch the Self Wipe Toilet Aid for Elderly in action down below:

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