Multipurpose Living Room Furniture That Hides Exercise Equipment

Are you a minimalist? and want to use each & every space of your house. Then, this exercise equipment furniture is perfect for you. ‘Stow Fitness’ is a multipurpose living room armchair that comes with built-in at-home gym. As a result, you can able to exercise on your living area while watching TV or taking care of your baby. Once you done the workout, simply fold the equipment and hide into an armchair in plain sight. So none will notice that, there is a fitness equipment in the center of your living room.

Exercise Equipment Furniture

You don’t need any separate room or a basement to store your fitness equipment. On the other hand, it will be the most functional space saving furniture for apartments and small houses. Stow Fitness armchair comes in two different models such as, an exercise bike, and a weight bench. Both of them are collapses down into an armchair with in few seconds. The stow-away furniture fitness equipment comes in four different colors to choose from including forge, walnut, sisal and sprout.

The Fold-Away Spin Bike Furniture

The Spin Bike version of this furniture comes with a 40 pound flywheel, a phone holder, a water bottle holder and a completely foldable pedals with cages. Surprisingly, it’s seat and handlebars fully adjustable and fits almost any size rider. Above all, the unique fitness tracking technology of this bike will connects to your smart phone cycling app via Bluetooth.

The Fold-Away Weight Bench Furniture

An another version of this furniture is the weight bench. It’s soft cushioned, easy cleanable bench top have an height adjustable mechanism. So you can change the height depends upon your workout type. It also features two quick attach dumbbells and a quick attach kettle ball handle. In addition, you have full freedom to use the 90 pounds of weight plates as your wish. Check the Stow Fitness furniture on!

Watch the Multipurpose Living Room Furniture in action

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